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Site of the Municipality Free of the District Outre-Seille in Metz

According to the French Revolutionary calendar we are

To join the collective

To join the webmaster

The news:

Let us laugh a little : translation of this page in Godon Automatique

A plan not to get lost: (thanks to MAPPY ® who supplied the weft) soon an interactive plan, street by street:

Some inhabitants' sites:

- Cathy and Charlie (culture, theater, music)

- Jean-Pierre (theater)

And of associations:

- Workshop(studio) of expression by the painting (great workshop(studio) for big and small!)

- Cheerful colours ( nice minorities)

They speak or make speak about the district:

- Roland Mertz (prevention)

- David Nicholas (the History seen by the University of Jerusalem)

- Mayor of Metz (presentation in the site of the du Maître-Echevin, in two words *)

- Mister Propre (ramasage of the OM)

- Secondhand trades in the Moselle (dates, contacts)

- Frédéric Lassalle ( signed, sleeping, anecdotal site)

- Reckless drivers murderers

The figures of the district, the guests:

- René Taesch (photographer)

- Morgane, William and Indy (painters of the bizarre)

- Bruno Masala (glances of walk)

- Jean Vodaine (poetry)

- Glances on the desolation (photos)

The messins soup sellers:

- E-Metz (not shame, pure product of inferior marketing, by big thing(matter) to be pulled(fired))

- The réplo (said also " the newspaper ", " the carnard ", " the disgusting ") (*)

- The clone

Carpets and impertinent:

- The cloth (*)

- The raudi

- Collective libertarian

The services:

- Local mission (employment((use))

- ASUD of Lorraine (drug((gives drugs))


- Hardsonic ( mozik )

- The Case (antiques)

- Chantal hiring

And a new webmaster: Jean-Pierre (to whom you can send tricks(things) to be published)

(*) these nicknames, exaggerated naturally, are given by messins always impertinently but affectionately to their newspaper, their Maître-Echevin and in the propaganda part of Maître-Echevin.

In two words: Leitmotiv of Maître-Echevin at the time of its ministry of sputters, which made do him(her) a good word (and not two) raised(found) by one of its colleagues of the National Academy of Metz (quoted in " Puns, good words and nicknames in the political speech of the east walking(stairs), the attempt of contribution to the problem from " language of the borders and borders of the languages ", J.P. Schmitt, Report of Mastery of Sociolinguistics, Rasctolwetzc institute, Krakow's university, on 2001).

" < < Why I sit down on " two words "?

Sirs, please , believe me,
Yes there I sit down,
Because in two words as in twenty
I am Maître-Echevin. > >

One can notice the wealth rhetoric of the comment: Maître-Echevin (leader of the considerable of the Republic Messine in the XIV XV ° s) spells in two words and the four towards (5/5,6/6) contain 20 of it. "

Disgusting: which(who) inspires of the aversion, visceral antipathy.

Torchonner: execute quickly and without care.

Please , contact Jean-Pierre if you have things to be said, talents to be expressed, if you wish to join the collective who drafts the site. A charter of the site and the Free Municipality is in preparation, it will be published soon here.

Being updated of21/10/02